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Jul 11, 2011 12:00am EDT
a systematic set of abuses. it is in the interests of our democracy. it is getting worse by the day payton and not shun the leadership necessary. is not shown the leadership necessary on these international parent can give also up become the thing that is the most difficult. what is the correct order? he did not have to shout. they are terribly this orderly. >> i take full responsibility for everyone. i take responsibility for everything my government does. what they are doing is making sure of this. they have their phones tapped. this is why it is important each investigation. it is important that we have these increase. that is why we need to inquire and how improved the ethics and morals. that is what needs to be done. that is what we are doing. >> thank you. >> across our world, but there are 39 schools. the gender gaps we see are falling. we are securing schooling for 11 million children by 2015. that is more and we ever had in the u.k. this is a good investment for britain and british taxpayers. >> can you explain whether the cost of this reform is set to rise even further? it is eve
Jul 13, 2011 6:00pm PDT
equipos... terminen con el paro laboral... tom brady ... payton manning y drew brees.. dijeron en un comunicado hecho publico por la asociacion de jugadores que la propuesta presentada por ellos es justa para ambos y que es hora de llegar a un acuerdo... ---justin upton y el venezolano miguel montero no pudieron hacer mucho en el juego de las estrellas de anoche en el chase field.... bruce bochy puso a jugar a upton en el jardin derecho en la cuarta entrada.. upton en dos turnos al bate se fue en ceros... montero entro de catcher en la parte alta de la novena entrada ---para terminar... vimos el gol de la jugadora japonesa... le tengo este otro del portero de los earthquakes de san jose david bingham quien debuto profesionalmente anotando desde la linea del area grande.... ocurrio en un partido amistoso frente al club ingles west bromwich en santa clara california... esa es la informacion deportiva.. patricia regresamos contigo... cu ---tiempo de la ultima pausa y volvemos en unos momentos... cu / cesar y blanca hoy a las 11 cu / cesar y blanca hoy a las 11 ---de que estaremos hablan
Jul 13, 2011 6:00pm EDT
, we start with the latest in the nfl. tom brady, payton manning and drew brees released a statement saying, quote, we believe the overall proposal is fair for both sides and it's time to get the deal done n. response, the nfl said that we share the view that now is the time to reach an agreement so we can get back to football and a full 2011 season. many say an agreement will be in place for the july 21st league meeting. switching gears, semi finals of the women's world cup, the u.s. and france, the ninth minute, no score and heather o'reilly crosses. the second goal of the world cup. the u.s. led 1-0 and here come the french, the 55th minute, the same score, sonia, a former member of the washington freedom sends it into the box and the ball gets by. this game is tied 1-1. the 79th minute, lauren chan oat corner and to the far coast, abby womback and elevating. they head it in and another traumatic goal for the 31-year- old, her 12th career world cup goal, the u.s. wins france, tee -- 3-1. -- 3-1. >> who is willing to leave it in the feel. cheney comes in and with the big goal and w
Jul 9, 2011 3:00pm PDT
. >> now to afghanistan and the hunt for al qaeda forces on the move and regrouping. cnn's nick payton walsh is with u.s. troops and local forces along afghanistan's border. >> almost a decade in, the hunt for al qaeda in one part of eastern afghanistan looks like this. americans pushing the afghans to the front, taking the high ground. the pressure for less americans here is extreme, but the afghans only mustered five men for this patrol. >> we shoot, it's got to be five to seven rounds first. go! >> they're barely policing the local villagers, let alone taking on the very terrorist network america came here to eradicate. it's here that afghanistan's future looks a lot like its past. american control does not extend up on this valley. they found safe havens for al qaeda. u.s. and afghan officials have revealed to cnn they located here al qaeda fighters using the is a included alpine villages for training and planning. in june, hundreds of americans were airlifted in, 9,000 feet up. they faced a longer flight than planned. u.s. officials say they killed 120 insurgents. many taliban, bu
Jul 2, 2011 3:00pm PDT
for you november. an american combat op attacked by taliban militants twice in 24 hours. cnn's nick payton walsh was there. >> reporter: everywhere you on afghanistan's eastern border, the choices aren't good. outpost caught between hills full of taliban. if the americans leave, militants from pakistan will flow through the valley. if they stay, then every few days, this happens. the mortars hit the base. the last attack was long enough ago there's panic. they're worried the taliban have been preparing a big one. after days of nothing, the insurgents are getting attacked from all sides. >> come on, hustle up. >> reporter: they use mortars first, aiming fortal ban talibae hills. but the incoming fire is very accurate here. >> go, go, go! >> reporter: they arrange cover from heavy machine guns. but the bullets are too close. locals scatter. just before huge american fire power has the last word. four massive air strikes across the hills and then the taliban fall silent. america knew why it came here, but isn't sure why it's staying. >> can we get like a police call for like cigarette butts?
Jul 6, 2011 4:00pm PDT
in afghanistan, president obama's promising to begin drawing down u.s. troop levels. as nick payton walsh discovered during a trip to remote afghanistan, there are signs that the taliban and al qaeda see an opening. >> reporter: we pushed down into the valley. still an insurgent stronghold. high-tech american attack helicopters buzzed overhead until militants shot at them from up the valley. >> it's uncharacteristic for the taliban around here. they're getting gutsy. if you push up farther than that, you're going to take enemy contact. it's pretty certain. >> nick payton walsh joins us from kabul. the lieutenant said the taliban is getting, quote, pretty gutsy. where does this confidence come from, and does it it stem in part from the fact they know the americans are leaving? >> reporter: i think that's true to a certain extent. the gutsiness is perhaps a suggestion that some fighters there are foreign. u.s. officials identifying what they believe were safe havens there before they launched a large operation into that particular area. the focus was on pakistan's safe havens there. that wh
Jul 30, 2011 9:30am EDT
of their baby girl. payton
Jul 3, 2011 10:00pm PDT
with someone trying to take advantage of the death. >> reporter: 6-year-old payton almost preston are their father's sons. their mother says that they're a spitting imagine of their father. >> peyton wants to be an officer now, yes it's nice. >> reporter: sergeant carter died after a 2-year-old battle of hopkins lymphoma. i met him last year and even then he was more concerned of finding donors. >> i saw him in pain for so long, that i know he's in a better place. >> really devastating, for a small organization, as you can imagine, trying to put the pieces together. >> reporter: and just like in stars', someone is trying to take advantage of the case by trying to ask for donations in the case. >> it's real amazing someone would try to take advantage of the matter. >> reporter: in martinez, i'm john sasaki, ktvu news. >>> statewide regulators are allowing native americans to continue their ancient first naming practices at least for now. the tribal officials say the plan still restricts fishing in many areas, the plan will now go through an environment review. >>> el cerrito police
Jul 4, 2011 4:00pm PDT
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Jul 13, 2011 6:00pm EDT
be affected. today, quarterbacks tom payton, peyton manning and drew brees issued a joint statement, saying the players' proposal is fair to both sides. and it's time to get the deal done. representatives will meet face to face. it has been reported that a deal is close and likely to be done early week. the league responded saying they agree that now is the time to get a deal done. and they're working hard. steelers linebacker james harrison needs to get back to work. he was in hot water. harrison is quoted as saying he is a crook. and he criticized his own quarterback, ben roethlisberger. and called ra shan menden hal, quote, a fumble machine. >>> let's go global. the world soccer cup, coming over that exhilarating victory over brazil. abbey woman back over the u.s., scored the dramatic win. she came through today in the semis against france. game tied. u.s. in white. uses her head to knock in a crucial goal. that one put the americans on top, 2-1. they would go on to defeat france, 3-1. alex morgan would add a last goal. that moves the u.s. into the world cup final. they will face japan f
Jul 9, 2011 11:00am PDT
resurgence just as american troops are getting ready to leave. cnn's nick payton walsh joined an army patrol on the hunt. >> reporter: almost a decade in the hunt for al qaeda in one part of eastern afghanistan looks like this. americans pushing the afghans to the front, taking the high ground in hills impossible to police. the pressure for less americans here is extreme, but the afghans only mustered five men for this patrol. >> it has to be five to seven round bursts and go. >> reporter: and despite this training, policing the local villages, let alone taking on the terrorist network that america came here to eradicate. it is here that afghanistan's future looks like its past. american control does not extend up to this valley and high on the ridgelines, they found safe havens for al qaeda. they have revealed to cnn they located here al qaeda fighters using the secluded alpine villages for training and planning. in june, hundreds of americans were airlifted in, 9,000 feet up, but they faced fierce resistance and a longer nastier fight than planned. u.s. officials say they killed 120 insurg
Jul 9, 2011 12:00pm PDT
that made him his case for invading slipping back in, just when america makes its case to leave. nick payton walsh, cnn, afghanistan. >>> top of the news this hour, a one new nation in the world, two big celebrations marking independence day. this is the flag of the now independent nation of south sudan, rising for the first time over the capital city of juba. the country is officially separate today after five decades of on and off civil war with the mostly muslim north. the same flag rising today in washington, d.c. over the new embassy of south sudan. >>> the man who won this year's dancing with the stars, well, he may have waltzed himself right into trouble with the dui ticket in atlanta earlier today. hines ward who is a star receiver for the nfl pittsburgh steelers, posted a $1,000 bond. his mug shot taken of him at the dekalb county jail. >>> royal couple will and kate are in california. they're being greeted by celebrities and local politicians. california's first couple gave the couple an ipad 2 loaded with california themed songs and movies. prince william is set to play polo this
Jul 30, 2011 7:00am PDT
payton ava kaine was born. that's going to wrap things up for us this morning, but the conversation continue jos onlin. send christine your questions on facebook and twitter. i'll be back today at 1:00 p.m. eastern and tomorrow at 3:00 for "your $$$$$." >>> now back to "cnn saturday" for the latest stories making news. have a great weekend. >>> good morning! congress is in session on this saturday. working on the weekend to try to beat the clock. that clock is aticking. we are now less than three days away from a possible u.s. default. i'm t.j. holmes. glad you could spend part of our weekend here with us. we've been talking about that clock. we didn't think it would get down to this, but it keeps on a-ticking on congress. both houses in session today. here's a rundown on what they plan on doing today. and there's that clock that we speak of. just under two days away from a time when we're told by the treasury, this country will not be able to pay all of its bills. so let me give you the rundown of what's happening today. the house gets to work around noontime today. that's just abo
Jul 1, 2011 10:00am EDT
of dollars, payton to the treasury suddenly and in minnesota because other people that might have been engaging in schemes that we did not have the information on suddenly decided approve pay. it can have not only the prevention of fraud but it can help physically better than any other area i can think of, when you show the example that you are willing to put people in jail. u.s. attorney jones, could you just talk about some examples from the front line in minnesota, some of the white- collar cases that have been particularly successful and tom in millions of dollars they involved? -- and how many millions? >> we have been busy on the fraud front, as have many of my colleagues. it's not always obvious. dust as senator grassley is concerned about slapping a label on a credit police and taking credit for work that really is not related to the financial fraud enforcement task force is a misplaced notion. a lot of this work is in the pipeline. anyone that has been out in offices, know that these cases are complicated. they take time. and so, we have a full list of the pipeline of fraud ca
FOX News
Jul 30, 2011 3:00am PDT
2009 that left 14 people kennedy. sergeant payton went through training with him and noticed early warning signs. >> very early on, he began to be a problem. it was obvious to me personally and to many others in our platoon, he would promote conflict. he would incessantly proselytize. >> the 21-year-old muslim was arrested with his backpack and police and the army say he admitted hatching a plot. >> and no word why the planes were clipping wings at o'hare airport. no one was hurt and passenger were taken off the plane and inspected the damage, which wound up being minimal. all other passengers were put on another flight. there's another royal wedding at edinburgh scotland as looking live, queen elizabeth's granddaughter sarah phillips a marrying english rugly star, a private ceremony with no cameras inside the church. among those in attendance, prince william and kate whose wedding was broadcast live to the world, i don't know if you caught this, might have seen it, i noticed it. >> on cable. >> one of america's heroes hits the jackpot, staff sergeant tim coates won a million bucks
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)